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Getting FREE GRANT MONEY is knowing HOW, WHERE and WHEN to look!  We are your guide!

Get your share of the billions of dollars granted free annually to finance your education!

federal grants
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federal grants
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federal grants
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What type of free financial aid is available and how much?

Grants and scholarships from federal, state and private sources are available.  These range from hundreds of dollars stipend to tens of thousands of dollars.

Do I have to pay these back after I graduate?

No.  These are outright grants and are not loans.  Loans are a different alternative of financing your education.  However, why pass up the opportunity for free money by way of grants and scholarships when they are available to you?

How do I qualify?

Requirements for each grant and scholarship vary considerably, and you should apply to all those that are relevant to your situation.  There are many that exist, so it is important that you review all the possibilities to maximize the amount to finance your education.

Do I need to worry about deadlines to apply?

Absolutely.  Deadlines vary with each grant and scholarship so it is important that you have a source to keep you apprised of these deadlines.  Granting institutions and foundations as a rule are strict about deadlines so it's important that you don't miss them.

Are there really scholarships that are unclaimed?

Sadly, yes.  There are private foundations that are either too small or under publicized that no one even bothers to apply for the available grants and scholarships.  There are deserving students that would have benefited tremendously from these sources if they had only known.

How do I find out the 'how, what, where and when' of grants?

Your high school counselor or a trusted teacher can help you; however, you can't rely on them exclusively as these education professionals are often overburdened with having to assist dozens, if not hundreds of other students.  The responsibility of managing your college scholarship search ultimately rests strictly on the shoulders of you, the student.  This website will greatly enhance your ability to keep up with the 'how, what, where and when' of grants and scholarships.




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