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Getting FREE GRANT MONEY is knowing HOW, WHERE and WHEN to look!  We are your guide!

Get your share of the billions of dollars granted free annually to finance your education!

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Find hidden scholarships in your local area that nobody competes for!  Stop wasting valuable time with the multitude of how-to books and cd's on finding grants and scholarships, as the proper information is conveniently available to you at your fingertips here on the Internet --- this website. 

Eliminate hours of searching!  Researching grants and scholarships can be a full-time job and quite intimidating for students whose priority is schoolwork.  There is way too much excess and unnecessary data on the subject.  This website will cut to the chase and show you how and where to obtain the money you need for furthering your education. 

Invest wisely in your time!  Half of getting FREE GRANT MONEY is knowing how, where and when (remember deadlines!) to look.  It is not spending the equivalent of a full-time job going to the library and pouring through brochures and spending a lot of time corresponding with foundations.  We've already done all of that for you, and we will show you the way. 

There are some grants and scholarships that go unclaimed!  The problem is that many students are unaware of them.  It's a shame that significant dollar amounts would have made a difference in furthering the education of some unknowing would-be graduates.  Knowledge from education is power, and it's a shame that lack of knowledge about possible financial sources results in the loss of power for some. 

How do we help?  We have a database of over 100,000 grants and scholarships from diverse sources:  federal, state and private grants and scholarships available to a wide spectrum of students of varying backgrounds, aptitudes and interests.  Moreover, we will provide you guidelines on how to apply and optimize your probability of acceptance.

Get your share of Free Grant Money and Scholarships!


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For a registration fee of only $39.95, you will have instant access to information and tips for a full year so that you can be effective in searching, identifying and securing your share of grants and scholarships. 



college grants - scholarship search
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